Team and Partners

The teaching team of the Acoustical engineering program is presented here.

Academic partners include laboratories of various academia and research institutions.

Ensta-ParisTech: IMSIA and POEMS
École polytechnique: LMS, CMAP and LadHyX
CEA: Non-destructive testing lab (CEA-LIST/DRT) and the Infrasound team (CEA-DAM)
University of Paris-Sud and CentraleSupélec: L2S
ENSAM-ParisTech: PIMM (Dynamics, Structures, Systems and Control team) and Dynfluid
SupMéca: Quartz (Dynamics, Materials and Structures)
Télécom-ParisTech: LTCI (Signal processing and Image team)

Industrial partners include:

ESI Group (Research and development)
FFT-MSC Group (Research and development)
Naval Group research (Acoustics department)
(Aeroacoustics research)
PSA (Research and development)
Renault (Research and development)
SAFRAN (Research and technology)
Saint Gobain (Acoustical developments)
SNCF (Innovation and research)
TUS / Thales (SONAR research)