Application (and FAQ)

Admission to the Masters program at the M2 level is open to students in Mechanics, Physics, Electrical Engineering or Applied Mathematics from an internationally recognized university at the following level or above:
● in pass of succeeding the M1 year of a master program in these fields or
● holding at least a 4-year degree (240 ECTS).
Depending on the previous studies, applying at the M1 level might be more appropriate.

Much of the courses rely on pre-acquired knowledge in mechanics, vibrations and waves: this can be seen in more details in the description of the courses.

In case we identify a lack of knowledge in one area, we may ask an accepted candidate to acquire it by means of a relevant MOOC (for example: Fundamentals of waves and vibrations).

Application procedures for 2019 are now open in the University Paris-Saclay website (or in French)
The deadline to apply to the program is 13 July 2019
Frequently Asked Questions here

Also read Information (in French and in English) on the pieces to submit etc. for the second year tracks of the Mechanics program (there is a mistake in the document), including Acoustical engineering.

If you have any difficulties or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us

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